Commercial Real Estate Agents Should Diversify Their Business

When I first got into commercial real estate I was told to specialize in a specific asset class. Typically, most companies frowned upon and many forbid agents to conduct business outside of the class they selected.

Back then, understanding other markets was a lot harder because we did not have the tools that we currently have at our fingertips. Instead we cold called all the owners and tenants or walked and canvassed the communities we wanted to build up business in.

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Mastering Multifamily Maintenance Challenges

Experts weigh in on best practices for finding, training and retaining the skilled maintenance techs that every multifamily property needs.

In the current tight labor market, finding and retaining good multifamily maintenance technicians is often challenging. Emerging operators, in particular, are well advised to look for someone who can do it all.

“If you have a smaller property and you’re a new property manager or a new landlord, you want to have somebody who can really handle almost everything on the property—and those people are worth their weight in gold,” said Joe Killinger, co-founder of Los Angeles-based Pono Asset Management.

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Is Managing Commercial Real Estate Completely Different Than Residential Management?

If you have ever owned a house or duplex that you have rented out and you feel like you are ready to move to the next level, I have a few guidelines to help you get started.   First and foremost, you’ll need to decide what asset class you would like your next investment to be in.  Here are a few different types of assets that you can focus on:

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Resident Retention Tips For Property Manager & Landlords

Resident retention in the real estate industry is a critical part to an investor’s success. Several factors go into the cost of acquiring residents, marketing, and make ready costs. There is also lost revenue from vacant units, making it a key part of your ROI. We put some tips together to help you retain your residents.

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You’re Interested in Starting to Invest in Rental Property, be Sure to Consider These Five Factors

If you are considering taking on the management be sure to speak with several investors that have already made this choice, managing a property can be a lot of tedious work and very time consuming. Also, many times a professional management company will actually save you money, budgeting for large expenses, having preferred pricing with vendors, or by just being aware of local legislature and how to navigate it efficiently.

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